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Fic: Sliver Importune (Merlin)

Title: Sliver Importune
Author: ebonbird
Characters: Gwen. Arthur. A grimy sorceress.
Rating: NR
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: Merlin belongs to Avalon.
Summary: AU. A gap admits a sliver of possibility.

Gwen gave a sharp cry, and that turned into a laugh; unfamiliar and cruel. Beneath his hands he felt flesh shift. White took away her gorgeous hue and he stared into eyes as cold and blue as a corpse's.

“You lied, oh Sire and are Sire indeed. By the old magic, I am the first women in which you have spilled your life and by rights your heir, and your only heir, is mine.”

Arthur scrambled from the bedclothes, “Guinevere? Guinevere? What have you done to her?” He looked about wildly.

Nimueh brought her finger to her lips as she sat up, “You will wake your sleeping lady. Wife in fact if not truth.”

How Nimueh laughed as Arthur’s eye fell upon Gwen sleeping in the shadows, a cup of wine in her lap, near her hand, her pale skirts stained red with the draught that had long spilled from the cup.

“Had you not lied, this would be but a pleasant interlude between friends. But now, brother mine, I may not be wife but your kingdom passes through me or not at all.”

Arthur barely heard her, as he shook Gwen and begged her to wake.

Nimueh rose from his marriage bed, and walked in her glory to the pair.

She lay a warm hand on his bare shoulder. “Fear not. I would have let you keep her had we wed, and now that I own both sword and sheathe, I have no need of you or your pretend-bride.”